A new venture? Who, not how

If I had to describe the single one thing that I like the most about my “professional” life, it’s starting new projects – while I do try to focus on my existing businesses and their growth, I do play around with some ideas once in a while and file them in my Google drive in my ideas folder, usually together with a Google spreadsheet with some calculations, expected revenue, profit studies etc.

The other day, a dear friend of mine who started off as a client of my inbound marketing agency, introduced me to an exceptional top manager and gave me the opportunity to present him one of my ideas, that fits perfectly with his 20-year long experience in his field.

WHO, not how

When you have one or two established businesses, ideas are tricky – you just can’t implement on all of them. Unless however, you find the WHO, the person that is perfectly suited to be the project’s leader. I learned this concept from Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis, one of the most renown international business coaches out there, and am happy to give him credit for that.

Once the WHO is clear, the HOW will be taken care of – I can then focus on supporting the new business, taking my share, and continue to focus on growing my core ventures.


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Sales funnels vs. Branding?

Everybody has been talking about sales funnels all the time … from Awareness to conversion and fidelization. However, it’s not that straightforward, users aren’t linear, potential clients aren’t either 😉

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Reverse engineering

Here are some thoughts about one of the most important concepts in business, marketing … and life: REVERSE ENGINEERING:

What’s your end goal? How would you define it?

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Retargeting – Why and how

Retargeting (or remarketing) is a technique to impact those users with marketing messages, that have already been on your website or facebook page before. Those subsequent impacts can happen across different platforms and devices.

In today’s vlog I’m explaining why this is so important, as this is related to the moment a potential client decides to take action or not.

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Attention – Vlog

@garyvee says, it’s all about attention and where you can get it underpriced. In other terms: check out where your potential clients spend a huge portion of their time – if you can get part of their attention there at cheap prices, go for it.

As an example, Google Adwords started out very low priced, and companies who where fast enough to take advantage of this were able to make millions.

Nowadays, facebook still has very reasonable prices when compared to what Adwords is charging these days At the same time, within the platform, depending on the marketing campaign goal, using video views might be underpriced, while direct traffic to your website may not be the best option for your overall goals.

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Intro – 001

episode in process

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How to reach business owners online

Today I’d like to share a few thoughts on how to reach business owners via social media.

When you’re in B2B, there is one simple rule to grow: Talk to business owners. You can’t grow in B2B if you don’t talk to potential clients (read: decision makers).

For many agencies’ clients like most of our clients, the decision maker is the business owner.

A business owner who’s also in charge of marketing decisions is probably a very busy person, dealing with all kinds of stuff at the same time, and without any free mental capacity during the day to focus on any offer that might come in by e-mail or social media.

But then, finally: weekend comes.

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The 10% rule in business

The 10x rule basically says that 10% of your clients are ready to pay you 10x what they are paying you right now.

Existing clients are the easiest to sell to – they already trust + respect you (hopefully) so this should be an easy one 😉

Take care!

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